Descriptive Data Gives You New Insight

eBenefits analyzes your organization’s data so you know exactly how your benefit dollars are being spent. In addition, we offer transparency into the enrollment process so that you can be sure that your employees meet the open enrollment deadline.

Features of Our Analytics Solutions
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Track Enrollment

Real-time reporting lets your organization track employees' status in the enrollment process. With a variety of standards reports available - such as Enrollment Summaries and Employee Census - our platform is able to recognize your organization's enrollment trends, which can help streamline the process.

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Offer the Best Plans for Your Organization

We understand that every organization is unique not only for the industry it serves, but also for its workforce. Using insights into your organization’s employee demographics and its claims history, our platform delivers the health information essential for better decision-making for you and your employees.

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Mitigate Unnecessary Costs

Through our platform, you have access to advanced analytics that can identify high-cost health issues. This is one of the many factors that comes into play when designing benefits plans for your employees.

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