Solutions for Health Care

We’re here for you so your employees can be there for patients. We understand 24/7 schedules, flexible hours, and represented staffing. In fact, we were created to fulfill HR professionals’ needs in the health care space.

Workpartners' Technology Services and Products

Benefits Administration Solution

Our flexible benefits administration platform is suitable for an on-the-move workforce that seeks clarity on health care choices. Our solution manages multiple employee types and benefits packages. And we’ve recruited Kate: a human avatar available to assist your employees.


Affordable Care Act Compliance Solution

We can help you properly account for employees with time-tracking challenges like flexible hours or assignments in multiple locations. This tool automates hour totals to determine ACA status, monitors regulatory updates, and securely provides IRS-required reports.


Private Exchange Solution

Through your benefits advisor or purchasing consortium, you can enjoy expanded benefit offerings through our private exchange solution. We partner with a number of trusted broker organizations and buying groups.

Why eBenefits is Right for You

Revolutionize your organization with Workpartners’ Technology

  • Superior technological quality, backed by Six Sigma methodology
  • An outstanding user experience
  • Efficient and accurate EDI processes
  • A simple guided workflow with single-screen administration
  • A highly secure, cloud-based platform
  • An easy-to-use interface for employees and employers
  • Unmatched service
  • Data analytics and insight designed to transform human capital management

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