Solutions for Government

Our clients in the public sector trust us to manage administrative needs for their most valuable resource: their employees. Our high-tech, high-touch capabilities address challenges such as managing a decentralized workforce, replacing manual processes or outdated software services, and more.

eBenefits Products

Benefits Administration Solution

In an industry crowded with HR software, our solutions set the standard. Our clients report 100 percent satisfaction with our systems availability. And we’ve recruited Kate : the first human avatar that is available to assist your employees.


Affordable Care Act Compliance Solution

When clients’ organizations gain time to focus on the larger issues at hand, it’s often thanks to our solutions. We can help eliminate the administrative needs associated with ACA compliance. Our tools and software track qualifying events for employees and sends alerts when mandatory offers are needed. It all adds up to peace of mind.


Platform for Private Exchange

Through your benefits advisor or purchasing consortium, you can enjoy expanded benefit offerings through our private exchange solution. We partner with a number of trusted broker organizations and buying groups.

Why eBenefits is Right for You


We help government organizations serve employees in multiple locations with multiple labor group representation. Employees only see the benefits they are eligible for, and you can tailor messaging to individual employees or employee groups by classification or location.

Seamless Integration

eBenefits solutions supplement your existing IT resources to generate reports and census data.

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