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How eBenefits and Lean Six Sigma Work Together

People talk about “quality” all the time when it comes to products and services. Quality means that what you buy meets (or exceeds) your needs and expectations. But those expectations can change and expand over time, and if a company wants to keep their customers long-term it needs to make continuous quality improvements to match.

That’s especially true for a company like eBenefits. We’re an HR software and services company that provides health, wealth, and productivity resources—resources that have to evolve and transform as quickly as the industry does. And thousands of a client’s employees may use our platform, all needing access to different kinds of services.

We offer our clients superior technology right out of the box, but since every client (and their employees) have unique needs, we also have to make adjustments and improvements going forward. To do that requires a disciplined, data-driven philosophy. It requires Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a process for eliminating defects, variation, and waste. We’re continuously gathering information about how employees are using our platform, and anything that doesn’t meet our customer’s defined specifications is addressed and corrected.

We use LSS to improve operational performance by making our platform more efficient and reducing variation and errors. We have certified LSS experts who are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our systems—this is an ongoing process that never ends. That increases employee satisfaction and adoption and allows your HR team to focus instead on strategic and tactical priorities.

Because eBenefits is a cloud-based system, we’re able to seamlessly share these improvements with our clients in real time. That means your eBenefits platform always has the most up-to-date technology, updates, and features.

Customer-focused companies understand that quality is a process, not just a feature. eBenefits’ adoption of Lean Six Sigma demonstrates our commitment to quality, and to our clients, throughout our relationship.