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What We Learned at SHRM

From our archives: please be aware that this post was written in 2018. Information about this topic may have changed.

The Society for Human Resource Management held their 2018 conference from June 17-20, and it was there that eBenefits unveiled its new, cloud-based benefits administration platform. This platform was designed by and for human resources professionals, who know how important it is to make benefits management less complex for HR leaders and easier for employees to use as well.

Every company has its own unique benefits needs, and the eBenefits solution allows an organization to customize the platform to provide the data and support it needs. We accomplished this by living up to the eBenefits’ mission statement—“Expert simplicity, Passionately Supported.”

Expertise doesn’t have to be complicated; eBenefits solutions are designed so people at all levels of an organization can take full advantage of them. And we’re passionate about partnering with our clients so that they maximize the benefits they can gain by using our solutions.

But as best-selling author Steve Gilliland said, “Passion is the fuel; purpose is the drive.” It’s the results that the new eBenefits platform delivers that will transform your business. Our solutions allow every employee to take a larger role in better managing their unique health, wealth, and productivity. The eBenefits platform allows that kind of customization—across the entire organization, down to the individual employee.

Using the eBenefits platform to empower your entire organization gives managers and employees more time to focus on tasks that support strategic goals. A smart strategy or sound culture can only take you so far if your workforce wastes time on non-productive activities. As New York Times bestselling author Adam Grant said, “Stop emphasizing culture fit; start valuing culture contribution.”

The eBenefits platform helps your company foster a culture of empowerment and self-reliance while also giving employees the time and knowledge to contribute to your organization’s success.