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The Future of Health Care and Technology

From our archives: please be aware that this post was written in 2018. Information about this topic may have changed.

By Kismet Toksu

What if we brought together some of the brightest minds and keen innovators in health care to share ideas? At LIGHT Forum 2018 they did just that. As a leader who lives and breathes at the intersection of technology and health, I was honored to accept the opportunity to join a panel discussion about the challenges we face now and for the future.

First things, first.

Tech in health care needs to address multiple factors that include:

  • usefulness to multigenerational users
  • high expectations of an easy-to-use consumer experience
  • adaptability for an on-the-go context
  • leveraging of data to make continuous improvements for the user

John Thornhill, Innovation Editor of the Financial Times, who moderated the panel asked, “how can we better use data and tech tools?”

With almost 50 percent of Americans receiving health care benefits via their employer, it is very important for employees to make good decisions about the coverage they select because that impacts the care and programs they and their love ones will have access to.

I believe technology and artificial intelligence offer significant opportunities to help consumers make wise decisions. And, machine learning can leverage data sets to identify patterns that create supportive user experiences, drive simplicity and span innovation. For employers, technology such as artificial intelligence offers important enhancements that may streamline workflow and create business efficiencies.

Many people ask what the future may bring for health care and technology?

Our approach is to curate experiences with compassionate design for all user types.

And through the platform to help bring many pieces of the health care industry puzzle together.

That’s why we’ve built our flexible technology platform – to connect products, programs and services that impact health, wealth and productivity.

Speakers and participants at LIGHT Forum are working to solve the big issues in healthcare. I am optimistic that by bringing together leaders in health care, technology and policy some real advances will be made.