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Energizing Employees about Health Benefits

Choosing the right benefit plan is vital for your employees and their families. Many of your employees may find the benefit selection process stressful and want help. Reducing confusion and stress on employees while selecting benefit plans can be advantageous to employees and employers alike.

Why is getting employees engaged in selecting their benefits so important?

Employees who are active in choosing their benefit options may be more likely to value their benefits than those who don’t take an active part. Those engaged employees may also be more likely to be satisfied with their jobs than those who aren’t engaged.

Engaged employees may be more likely to make informed benefit decisions, to value those benefits more, and to take satisfaction in their jobs. It’s a win-win situation when employees choose the right plan — a plan that can save them money and provide outstanding care while helping to reduce overall health care costs for their employer.

Three ways to promote greater employee engagement in selecting benefits:

  1. Offer integrated tools. Provide decision-making tools, cost calculators, and other helpful information that employees can use during the benefits enrollment process. These tools make it easier for employees to evaluate options and to make the right decisions. They can also free up your human resources business partners to focus on more high-level tasks.
  2. Provide a user-friendly experience. Well-designed technology with a simple, intuitive interface is vital for increasing employee engagement. Employees expect a user-friendly, retail-like experience to enroll in and manage all of their benefits easily through a secure single sign-on platform.
  3. Communicate through multiple channels. When employees receive benefits communications how they prefer — whether that’s via print, email, website, in person, or otherwise — they may feel more confident in their benefit selections. Not receiving information through preferred channels may make them feel less confident in their choices.

These simple strategies can pay off. Satisfied employees are happy about their benefit selections, and companies can see lower health care costs.

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