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3 Tips to Help Prepare your Clients for Open Enrollment

To help your clients make smarter benefits choices during open enrollment season, consider the following three strategies:

  1. Communicate early and often
    Begin asking questions about your clients’ business objectives so you can help them plan for the coming year. Listen carefully during these conversations. Then, in a follow-up meeting, come with a proposed plan to help your client meet those objectives and see a return on their investment. NOTE: Clients expect more and more from their brokers these days. It’s important to deliver.
  2. Differentiate yourself by anticipating — and addressing — compliance concerns.
    Although the ACA is in a holding pattern for now, compliance concerns among employers and individuals aren’t going away anytime soon. For example, companies still fear that won’t be able to provide accurate information and could be hit with penalties. Therefore, it’s important to help clients understand what the government needs and how to manage risk. Offering this guidance will help you stand out—and provide your clients much-needed peace of mind.
  3. Use technology to take you and your clients to the next level
    Technology that allows you and your clients to understand the intricacies of open enrollment, as well as complicated ACA rules, will make the entire process far more seamless and automatic. Get familiar with that technology — starting today.