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An Interview with Jong Hartoyo, CTO of eBenefits

Jong Hartoyo is the Chief Technology Officer of eBenefits. He came from NetApp Inc., a multinational Fortune 500 network storage and data management company.

Chief Technology Officer Jong “Jo” Hartoyo joined eBenefits in November 2016. He came from NetApp. Inc., a multinational Fortune 500 network storage and data management company in Sunnyvale, California. Jong lives in Presto, Pa., with his wife and two teenage daughters. eBenefits spoke with Jo early in 2017.

How are things going so far?

Very well. I had the benefit of starting at the company right when Open Enrollment was happening, so I got to see that up close. It’s the most important time of the year in the benefits administration world. Things went well, but it was also clear to me that we can improve efficiencies and make things run more smoothly. I’m sure that will happen, and I very much look forward to that challenge.

What do you see as your main priority in the short term?

It is absolutely essential that our technology solutions are stable, usable, and supportable. That will be my focus. Which means that our current benefits admin, private exchange, and ACA compliance technologies must work seamlessly and be fully supported by our team to enable our clients to run their business.

How about long term?

My task is to keep us on the path of incremental improvement with our current products but also to develop simple and scalable solutions for future products. Our ultimate goal is to make it easier for each of our clients to achieve business success. To this end, we need to automate benefits administration and other functions so clients can focus on larger strategic goals. Through careful listening, and lessons learned, we will perfect our products and services so they grow with our clients.

Do you have a personal philanthropy regarding technology, and can you relate it to your job at eBenefits?

I’m obsessed with applied technology. Technology for technology’s sake doesn’t interest me in the least. For me it’s all about developing technology that solves a problem or challenge. That’s the way it is for eBenefits. Our task is to align our technology to business solutions so our clients don’t have to worry about that part of their business.