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Top 3 Takeaways From Recent Conferences

From our archives: please be aware that this post was written in 2016. Information about this topic may have changed.

eBenefits attended a variety of national conferences across the country recently to stay up to date with the latest advances in HR software and technology as well as learn about the biggest day-to-day challenges HR professionals face. Two members of our sales team recently attended the ASHHRA National Conference in Dallas, Texas; the CUPA-HR National Conference in Washington, D.C.; and the HR Technology Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois. They’ve compiled their most valuable takeaways from these three conferences to share here.

  1. ACA compliance is still a huge concern and companies may still struggle with the administrative tasks associated with ensuring compliance.

Many of the HR professionals we spoke with acknowledged that the process for filing their 2015 IRS 1094/95-Cs was stressful, time-consuming, and largely inefficient. Even with IRS delays, many of these professionals noted that they struggled to submit their filings on time, and had serious concerns that the information that they had submitted was accurate. Once their filings were submitted, many were notified by the IRS of numerous errors with the employee forms, which the IRS provided little support or assistance in resolving (fortunately most errors ended up being issues with employee Social Security numbers not matching what the IRS had on file). Overall, many of the HR professionals that we spoke to are hopeful, yet skeptical, that the process will improve in the near future.

  1. When it comes to technology, HR professionals want an improved employee experience as much as they want efficiency.

The HR professionals we spoke with during the conference expressed the desire to find technology and software solutions that could help improve the overall employee experience and increase employee engagement with these technologies. Examples include a more user-friendly “shopping” experience when enrolling in benefits, cost comparison tools for help with selecting medical plans, and enhanced support from either human or artificial-intelligence customer service resources. Many attendees also noted that part of the improved employee experience they’re seeking should involve integration with wellness programs, and tools that help employees understand the overall value of their benefits packages.

  1. HR technology is evolving.

Another common observation among conference attendees: The one-size-fits-all software platforms they’re currently using no longer meet their needs. As a point solution provider, we are typically viewed as providing deeper, fuller, and more complex functionality since that is our singular focus. In contrast, HRIS providers are typically viewed as being broad without enough depth to meet many employers’ needs.

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