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The Ins and Outs of Selecting a Platform

Needs vary from one company to another, but there are a few key features that every benefits administration platform should have. Learn the ins and outs of choosing a platform, including: questions to ask, how business size affects needs, and reasons a quality tool can be a valuable asset to employers and employees alike. Here’s what to look for:

Functionality and communication – Employers of all sizes have different needs and wants when faced with the responsibility of choosing a platform for their organization and its employees to use. At eBenefits, we found that the main features employers look for when selecting a platform include ease of use, intuitive functionality, and an engaging enrollment process for employees. In addition, we found that when potential clients are looking for a platform, they are also searching for a communications tool or platform to use to push important benefits, wellness or corporate messaging through to employees — anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Customization and flexibility – Typically, a business’ size or number of employees affects the type of platform they choose to implement. eBenefits can customize a platform to match each client’s logo and colors and enhance the user experience by designing the system to look like it belongs to that specific organization. If clients are gravitating toward a functionality-focused platform and customization is less of a necessity, that option is available as well. With our successful history of meeting our clients’ needs for over the past 10 years, eBenefits is more than equipped to meet the needs of any industry and any size client.

Retail-like shopping experience – At eBenefits, we notice that prospective clients are very concerned with the experience employees will have when shopping for benefits. In addition, we’ve found that employers want to know that a system or software can handle their complex benefit designs while also providing easy interfacing with their carriers and payroll systems.

To meet these needs, we unleashed eBenefits 2.0 : a system that gives our clients — and prospective clients — peace of mind. eBenefits 2.0 offers a retail-like shopping experience as one of its top features. Employees can select their benefits more easily and put their selections into a shopping cart, review or make changes to their order, and purchase their plans. In addition, we’ve been able to seamlessly integrate our software with our clients’ already-existing carriers and payroll systems. We can build automation of the transfer of all employee enrollment data to the carriers, so our clients have less to worry about.

Wealth of resources for assistance – An important factor to consider when selecting a platform is whether or not there is enough — or any — support for you and your employees when faced with a software question or software error. We provide our clients with one point of contact: a dedicated account manager who is available to answer every question. In addition, we have an award-winning customer service team* available to support employee needs during enrollment and throughout the year. The 2.0 system is also equipped with our industry’s first human avatar, Kate , who is virtually available for your employees as well.

To discuss in more detail about our platforms with one of our representatives and how our solutions can meet your needs, schedule a demonstration here .

*2015 Gold Stevie Winner in the Contact Center of the Year Category.

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Ryan Smith is a sales executive with eBenefits. He has nearly 10 years of technology sales, marketing, and account management experience. Ryan partners with HR professionals, benefits brokers, and consultants to identify their HR technology needs. He works to custom-fit solutions for ACA compliance, benefits administration, and private health care exchange.