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eBenefits is designed from the vision and experience of people with deep roots in HR and a passion for all it can achieve. Yes, incredible IT gurus make our cloud-based technology, but HR experts make the difference. The result is a benefits platform with unmatched service and superior quality.

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Whether you’re an HR professional, employer, broker, benefits consultant, or partner in the employee benefits value chain, you want support in areas that matter most to you or your client — employee engagement, retention, wellness, benefits use, lowering health costs, and leave management. It’s all possible from a single platform. Read all about it.

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“Throughout the years working with eBenefits, each account manager has diligently serviced our needs and wishes and the results are well received by the benefits team…the system is constantly evolving to help employees navigate quickly with clarity of what is presented.”

Singrid Sesmundo, Personnel Benefits Technician


One Technology Solution and Single Platform to Meet Your Needs


Our platform manages all core and voluntary benefit programs and payroll deduction programs from the most basic to the most complex.



The Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects how you manage your employees and your business. Our solution helps you keep up with the constantly changing regulations.



An agile, customizable platform that enhances employers’ ability to offer a wider variety of plan options to employees — and lets brokers offer expanded plans and services to clients.


Proudly Serving Many Industries

We bring the same winning combination of customizable high-tech platform and high-touch customer service to every client. But we never lose sight of each client’s — needs which are diverse and often as unique as the industries themselves.

About eBenefits

Our software and service company — emphasis on service — was designed and road-tested by HR professionals. We develop the software, then back it up with comprehensive personalized service to meet and exceed your needs by keeping the day-to-day needs of the benefits management team, the experience of the employee, and the ability to set and execute long-term HR strategies top of mind.

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Staying Compliant with new Affordable Care Act (ACA) Provisions

The future of healthcare in the United States is generating a great deal of anxiety among individuals and employers. The most recent and prominent Congressional proposals have included repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), repealing without replacing, and…

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